Cockpit 4000 for Fast Jets/Turbo Prop Trainers

  • A 'standardized' modular Glass Cockpit which reduces NRE for Turboprop and Jet Trainers.
  • Advanced avionics, representative of front-line jets.
  • Training from Basic to Advanced level can be performed on a single training platform
  • Open Architecture for future upgrades and growth.


Cockpit 4000 is an integrated digital glass cockpit that was specifically designed to reduce pilot training costs and at the same time offer training capabilities similar to front line jet fighters. Simulated weapon training can be carried out and live weapon delivery for training and a secondary operational role for the aircraft if required. With Cockpit 4000 advanced avionics, fast jet pilot training can be carried out from Basic through to Advanced levels using a single training platform. This reduces the training required using front line fighters during operational conversion courses – a significant saving in pilot training costs.


The Cockpit 4000 core avionics comprise CMC’s powerful open-architecture mission computer, a proven wide field of view SparrowHawk Head-Up Display with Up Front Control Panel, 5x7 inch Multifunction Displays and 4x5 inch HUD repeater. In addition, the avionics suite features mature and proven operational flight programs (OFP) that integrate the aircraft sensors, radios and weapons systems to provide a wide range of navigation and mission capabilities.

CMC’s standardized avionics solution minimizes the integration effort required for aircraft installation – a key factor in reducing costs for our customers. CMC Integrated Cockpits are flying in or have been ordered for the following aircraft:

Hawker Beechcraft T-6B , Aermacchi M-311 , KAI KT-1C and BAE Hawk Mk51 and Mk51A.

Additionally key Components of Cockpit 4000 are flying in or have flown in the following military aircraft:

Grumman F-14B Tomcat, Pilatus PC-7, Pilatus PC-9M, Pilatus PC-21, Aero Vodochody L-159A, Agusta Westland Super Lynx 300, PZL W-3PL Gluszec

 Cockpit 9000 for C-130 and other Transport Category Aircraft

  • Turnkey cockpit modernization solution, already proven on C-130 platform.
  • Supports worldwide operation within latest civil airspace Global Air Traffic Management (GATM) environment.
  • Enhanced Mission effectiveness via advanced tactical features and mission management tools.
  • All-glass large-format high resolution display suite (up to 6 displays) with fully redundant architecture and night vision (NVIS) option.


Cockpit 9000 is an integrated digital glass cockpit that is tailored to the requirements of transport category aircraft, both civil and military, and especially including the C-130. At its core, the CMA-9000 Flight Management System (FMS) combines with the company’s advanced Global Positioning and Landing System (GLS) to provide an extremely accurate navigation solution for all flight phases from departure to non-precision approach and in compliance with published international CNS/ATM navigational mandates and growth provisions.

Concerning the overall cockpit displays, CMC as system integrator provides a complete solution as part of Cockpit 9000, through selection of equipment solutions from the company’s partners as appropriate for each customer’s unique needs. Optional elements of Cockpit 9000 may include other CMC products such as the company’s Electronic Flight Bag, Enhanced Vision System as well as SATCOM solutions.

CMC’s system integration experience encompasses its role in C-130 cockpit modernization with over 10 international customers; its prime contractor role on Canada’s Maritime Surveillance CP-140 (P-3) fleet; and its B-747 Classic cockpit modernization role with prestigious operators such as Air France, KLM, Qantas, Saudi Arabia Airlines and several others. As part of the KLM B747-200/300 project, CMC was awarded the “Systems Integrator of the Year” award by Avionics magazine.


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