Aerospace Keyboards

A leader in high-reliability keyboards, CMC Electronics is at the forefront of supplying the most concise and uniform commercial aerospace keyboards on the market. Designed not only to provide the reliability needed to sustain the hours of a commercial aircraft, the keyboards are also designed to be aesthetically pleasing to the touch and have the look that is expected in today’s market.

The keycaps are designed to meet the individual customer specifications or are reproduced to fit with the rest of the cockpit environment. CMC can provide all configurations of keys from flat surfaces to convex shapes that are laser etched to produce an illuminated character with the sharpest definition and uniformity.

Lighting requirements are precisely mapped out on a computer program prior to building the first prototype, thus ensuring that each keyboard will have the greatest degree of uniformity possible. Given that most applications today are dual redundant in the cockpit, CMC’s keyboards represent the customer’s avionics system with the highest integrity possible from an aesthetic point of view as well as a long-term reliability stand point.

Our engineering team will offer proven design solutions using the most appropriate light source for every application, LED, EL or incandescent lamps. With our unsurpassed experience in keyboard design, we can upgrade your existing design to the latest standards or design a brand new unit with the latest cost savings techniques on the market.

Keyboards that require integrated displays can be equipped with their own electrical interface that is ready to be plugged into the customer's host unit. We can also integrate the customer’s software application directly into our microprocessors built into the electronics circuit.

From specification definition to final qualification, CMC Electronics will support you every step of the way. Our customer focus gives us a better understanding of your project.

Typical features of CMC’s military keyboards include the following:

  • Frames are either made out of aluminum, MIL-PRF-5425 acrylic or engineering molded plastics.
  • Illuminated line selects are included in aluminum or plastic frames with a uniform surface finish designed so that the human eye cannot discern the difference.
  • Pushbutton caps can either be constructed out of acrylic, polycarbonate or silicone rubber.
  • LED Illumination can be either modulated from 28 VDC, 5 VDC and 5 VAC supplies. With CMC's integrated electronics, we precisely match the incandescent or electroluminescent lighting curves for LED keyboards when required.
  • Illumination performance is in accordance with SAE-AS7788 or customer specified.
  • Annunciators are designed to either Mil-S-22885 or specific customer requirements.


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