As an industry leader, CMC Electronics is an expert in the design and manufacture of custom LCD modules for both military and commercial aerospace and ground applications.


We offer a wide range of LCD technologies and techniques to optimize critical operating characteristics, such as wider viewing angle and optimal contrast ratio.


Integrated heaters are available for applications that withstand low temperature.


CMC Electronics is able to meet all lighting requirements with a choice of LEDs, incandescent, fluorescent and electroluminescent sources for backlighting. Our modules operate in day, night and twilight conditions and comply with night vision requirements.


With CMC Electronics’ products, quality and reliability are not synonymous with higher prices. Our straightforward designs and integrated production facilities insure cost-efficient LCD assemblies.

Our LCD modules are an integral part of aerospace and military systems throughout the world.


Typical examples of CMC’s engineering and manufacturing excellence can be found in the following:

The compact integrated FSTN LCD module and keypad forms part of a tactical ground communications radio. Built to withstand the harshest environments, the unit is fully sealed when mated to its host assembly. Composed of a dot matrix display, silicone rubber keypad, application specific electronic circuit and software, which are all housed in a rugged die cast aluminum housing.

The ruggedized handset includes a TN LCD module that is used in conjunction with a tactical ground communication radio. Designed specifically for high volume production, it demonstrates CMC’s capabilities to integrate LCD displays in a complex assembly. It also features a push to talk switch, acoustics comparable to the H-250, and an integrated keypad for remote radio control. The assembly is built into an engineered thermoplastic housing and mated to a coiled cable to withstand outdoor military environments.

Integrated keyboard assembly with custom active matrix display used in an aerospace applications. The color active matrix LCD offers high brightness with a wide viewing angle and optical performance for sunlight readability. The LCD assembly also includes an anti-glare contrast enhancement filter that is ITO coated and ground to the chassis to eliminate EMI. Manufactured to meet RTCA/DO-160 environmental requirements, this is only one example of the many AMLCD configurations that is available.

The commercial high-reliability custom display module is used in an avionics application. The module contains a STN liquid crystal glass with a driver on tab and is backlit by a LED matrix for night readability. The module is qualified to environmental requirements of RTCA/DO-160.

The display is used in an airborne military radio. Requiring a broad operating range, the module houses a high contrast segmented dichroic LCD with an integrated heater for operation down to -55° C. Backlit by a night vision compliant light source, the unit can be used with night vision goggles or high ambient lighting conditions. The unit has a wide viewing angle lending itself to applications in a multitude of cockpit environments.


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