With our extensive experience in electronic and mechanical/optical integration, CMC Electronics has the capabilities you need for your defence and commercial sub-systems. Whether you integrate your critical circuit cards into our host ready sub-system or re-program our sub-system microprocessor, you minimize the time that it takes to integrate your avionics requirements.

Sub-systems are customized to specific requirements and vary extensively from one customer requirement to the next. CMC can integrate all forms of displays, keyboards, switches, annunciators and supporting drive electronics into one package that is ready to integrate into an LRU or directly into a cockpit application.

Since we control all entities of the design, it significantly reduces the customer’s workload to integrate and control several suppliers’ equipment, while maintaining a high level of integrity in the overall look and functionality of the device.

The units can be integrated with off the shelf COTS displays, or custom built to meet the most demanding military standards.

Electrical interfaces can be as simple as a RS-422, Arinc-429 or as complex as the need may be. CMC also accepts critical customer software that can be managed and loaded at our facilities or through a data port in the field.

CMC Electronics provides support at all project stages, from specification definition to qualification testing.

The following are examples of how we take care of all your display needs in one single sub-system.

High-Performance Cockpit Indicator Sub-System

Complete sub-system is used in a high-performance laser warning counter measures system on various airborne platforms. The sub-system includes an edgelit panel, rotary controls, LED displays, complete drive electronics and aluminum enclosure. The LED display integrates alphanumeric and discrete legends. The system also provides required electronics for power and signal conditioning. The sub-system is night vision compliant and is legible in high ambient sunlight environments. The system is qualified to MIL-STD-810.

Fire Warning and Extinguishing Sub-System

This sub-system is integrated in an airborne military application and is part of a critical fire warning and extinguishing system. It provides a cautionary optical signal to pilots during high stress conditions. The system integrates various controls, edgelit panel, annunciators and a sophisticated brightness control circuit card. The sub-system optical features are night vision compliant and offer outstanding sunlight readability performance. The sub-system has been qualified to MIL-STD-180 and MIL-STD-461.

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